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Tether to US Dollar (USDT to USD) Exchange Rate = 1.002099

Tether to US Dollar (USDT to USD) High = 1.005

Tether to US Dollar (USDT to USD) Low = 0.997

Tether to US Dollar (USDT to USD) Volume = 18254513.898486

Tether to US Dollar (USDT to USD) Market Capitalisation = 57588651455.411

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Convert Rate Volume
Bitcoin to US Dollar 50488.231796 188631921.69416
Ethereum to US Dollar 4103.937291 208960541.59841
Tether to US Dollar 1.002099 18254513.898486
Ripple to US Dollar 1.412092 87123660.822803
Litecoin to US Dollar 330.2774 22080701.834612
Bitcoin Cash to US Dollar 1317.335168 17973248.80781
Cardano to US Dollar 2.066777 93819217.15387

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